Dr. Raymond Konior is very hands on and performs state of the art all microscopically prepared follicular unit hair transplantation with great results.

Dr. Raymond Konior is exceptionally meticulous and prides himself in personally placing the majority of the grafts and not leaving the surgical room until the procedure is completed. He performs only one hair transplant per day and does all the consultations at his clinic in Chicago, Illinois.

Dr. Konior performs both world renowned FUT via strip surgery and advanced FUE when appropriate for the patient.  Dr. Konior feels that FUE is a suitable procedure mostly for those who want to wear their hair cropped short on the sides and back of the scalp since there's no linear scar associated with the procedure. 

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FUE Grafts can be extracted manually, mechanically or robotically with a .07 to 1.2 millimeter punch. While robotic extraction can speed up the process significantly, it doesn't always produce satisfactory results. Dr. Konior’s focus is on quality, so he prefers manual and specialized mechanical methods to achieve the desired outcome. Prior to treatment, the donor site is shaved to two to three millimeters in length, allowing for closer examination of exit angles and direction of protruding hair shafts. The punch is then used to harvest the grafts, following the paths of the hair shafts to avoid follicular transection. Transected, or damaged, follicular units are not viable for grafts. Each follicular unit is carefully examined under a microscope before it is placed.

Dr. Konior believes that hair restoration surgery should be one of the most positive and uplifting experiences in one's life. He and his staff are committed to offering individual attention, technology, and artistry that cannot be found in clinics that take an assembly line approach to hair restoration surgery.

Dr. Raymond Konior has performed the highest quality hair restoration surgery in the Chicago area for over 25 years. The doctor performs a state-of-the-art technique called "Ultra-Refined Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation." It is the consensus of Dr. Konior's peers and patients that this technique consistently produces exceptional results.

Dr. Konior was born in the city of Chicago and now resides in the suburbs with his wife and children. He graduated college with honors from the University of Illinois. This was followed by the University of Illinois School of Medicine, a surgical residency in head and neck surgery at prestigious Northwestern University, and a fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Texas. The doctor has held a surgical professorship with Loyola University Chicago since 1989, and is Loyola University's expert on hair restoration surgery.

As an expert in hair restoration surgery, he has appeared on local and national media, including television news programs, professional journals, cable television documentaries, newspapers, and magazines. Dr. Konior has been an active member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons since 1994 and co-chaired the Chicago Hair Meeting for the AAFPRS in 1995. He is also the author of numerous research articles, journal articles, and book chapters.

In an effort to bring greater legitimacy and control to the practice of hair restoration, Dr. Konior and 14 other hair surgeons formed the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery in 1996. These top doctors in hair surgery set the current academic standards for assuring competency in hair transplantation.

Dr. Konior's Technique: High-technology to imitate nature, limit trauma to scalp, ensure the highest yield of growing grafts:

  1. Extensive consultation, examination, and understanding of the patient’s needs.
  2. Single blade donor area excision followed by magnified division of donor strip to prevent injury to the grafts.
  3. Meticulous closure of the donor area to give the best healing and scar formation.
  4. High-powered microscopic dissection into follicular-units.
  5. Openings made using specialized follicular unit instruments for precision and for minimal trauma to scalp.
  6. Graft placement under magnification and using transplant forceps to ensure the highest yield of growing grafts.
  7. Patients are contacted after surgery and photographed and examined at 12 months.

Dr. Konior was voted one of Chicago's "Top Docs" by Chicago Magazine, making him the only hair restoration surgeon in Chicago voted into the magazine.

Dr. Konior's operating rooms have been regularly inspected for safety, cleanliness, and quality leading to accreditation by The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). He is one of only 5% of the Chicago area doctors voted for inclusion in Woodward & Whites "Guide to the Best Doctors in America". For the past several years he has been selected to be listed in the Castle Connolly guide, "Top Doctors in the Chicago Metro Area".


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