Dr. Sever Muresanu

Dr. Sever Muresanu

Hair transplant surgeon


Dr. Sever Muresanu and Dr. Laura Muresanu perform refined follicular unit grafting with high density with hair that grows and looks indistinguishable from nature. Their team is skilled and has mastered hair transplant surgery for over a decade.

Dr. Sever Muresanu and Dr. Laura Muresanu perform FUT and FUE at their practice; once known as Europe's best FUT surgeons, they have transitioned into two of the best FUE surgeons in Europe. Dr. Sever Muresanu and Dr. Laura Muresanu work closely as a duo. They perform FUT on patients with advanced hair loss and on patients who will benefit from FUT over FUE. They take a 'bespoke' custom approach in their practice. Before the surgery, they will speak with the patient about their personalized objectives and goals to ensure they are all on the same page.

Once the grafts have been harvested, they are immediately sorted under a microscope to ensure they are grouped correctly. Once the grafts have been sorted, they use custom blades to create sites for individual follicular units (fu). Depending on the fu size, they create custom recipient sites using 0.6-1mm size blades. FUT is done over two consecutive days to minimize the time that grafts are outside of the body and maximize yield. Using custom instruments allows them to place grafts with precision and higher density- this allows them to pack high density without compromising the blood supply of the grafts. 

Who Will Do My Surgery 

Hattingen carries out the procedure as a well-oiled machine. They have a dedicated staff of nurses and technicians trained by Dr. Sever Muresanu and Dr. Laura Muresanu- this allows them to transplant thousands of grafts with high density and achieve consistently high yield and growth rates. Each patient will receive personalized care from Dr. Sever Muresanu, Dr. Laura Muresanu, and their entire team. 


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