Dr. Blake Bloxham performs state of the art hair transplant surgery alongside Coalition member Dr. Alan Feller in New York

Dr. Blake Bloxham (who many on our hair restoration forum are used to calling Blake or "Future-HT-Doc") used to work for this community as an editorial assistant and forum co-moderator and possesses a long history of providing insightful, supportive and educational posts on our hair restoration forum and our Hair Loss Q&A Blog.  But his real passion always lied in becoming a top notch hair transplant surgeon and being recommended on the Hair Transplant Network.  He now works side by side with Coalition member Dr. Alan Feller and has almost 3 years of experience performing exclusive hair transplant surgery, including his residency.

Dr. Bloxham's hair transplant philosophy and technique mirrors Dr. Alan Feller's, who has a long, proven track record of providing realistic, state of the art hair transplant surgery exclusively at his clinic.

Dr. Bloxham performs surgery on only one or two patients per day and has the skill and staff to perform large, densely packed sessions of ultra refined follicular unit hair transplant surgery exceeding 3000 grafts when appropriate for the patient. Dr. Blake Bloxham performs exclusive hair transplant surgery including FUT, FUE and a hybrid FUE procedure referred to as mFUE (a procedure that minimizes both transection and scarring). He also performs repair procedures including scar reduction surgery.

Dr. Bloxham uses all the latest techniques and does all the initial consultations himself and typically operates on only 1 or 2 patients per day. Dr. Bloxham has quickly garnered Dr. Feller's respect and approval and members of our hair restoration forum community have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback on Dr. Bloxham's posts featuring his results.

When Dr. Bloxham was an editorial assistant and forum co-moderator, he believed everybody was a candidate for follicular unit excision (formerly known as follicular unit extraction) (FUE) and that this would be his future. But practically speaking now that he's seen and performed a number of FUE procedures, his view is much more modest.  Dr. Bloxham still believes that everyone should be performing FUE in conjunction with FUT/strip.  But he no longer feels that everyone is a candidate for FUE.

Dr. Blake Bloxham possesses a bachelor's of science in biology and pre-medical studies from the University of California and went to medical school at Andrew Taylor Still University.  His post-graduate training was performed at Geisinger Medical Center.

Dr. Bloxham is a member of The ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery), the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and is a member of the Sigma Phi medical honors society.  He performed his fellowship at and is now a Partner and the Medical/Surgical director of hair transplant surgery at Feller & Bloxham Medical.

Dr. Blake Bloxham, his hair transplant technique, and patient results were carefully reviewed by our patient based online hair loss community. To view the highlights of this review, click here.


Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
Follicular Unit Excision (FUE)
Modified Follicular Unit Extraction (mFUE)
Scar Repair


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Patient Gallery

Hair restoration procedure before and after results

Male - 1 sessions

Bald class: 4

Hair transplant procedure before and after result photos from Dr. Bloxham with 2500 grafts

Front view - Before and after hair restoration procedure

Male - 1 sessions

Bald class: 3

Hair Restoration surgery before and after result photographs with 3000 graphs

Top view - Before and after hair restoration procedure

Male - 1 sessions

Bald class: 2

Hair transplant procedure before and after result photos with 3200 grafts


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