Dr. Ratchathorn in Thailand performs high-density FUE, and she is involved in every step of the procedure. She provides patients with top-notch quality at an affordable rate.

Dr. Ratchathorn Panchaprateep is a board-certified dermatologist who works alongside Dr. Laorwong, who has cemented himself as one of the best in Asia. Together, they are Absolute Hair Clinic. Dr. Ratchathorn holds a PhD focused on hair follicle stem cells and hair regeneration. She recently received the platinum follicle award at the 27th World Congress. She's the youngest female physician to win the platinum follicle award. She has multiple published studies in peer-reviewed medical journals. She completed a fellowship with Elite Coalition surgeon Dr. Pathomvanich of the DHT clinic over a decade ago. 

Dr. Ratchathorn performs mainly FUE, using the Trivellini Mamba system, one of the most sophisticated harvesting tools on the market. She uses punches ranging from 0.85-0.95 depending on the patient and their hair characteristics. She creates all recipient sites and harvests the grafts herself. To reduce time out of the body, the Absolute Hair Clinic team collects the grafts, prioritizing the grafts that are first out to be placed first. She does a maximum of 4,000 grafts per day. To ensure grafts are appropriately sorted, they have an aluminium dish that contains 30 channels. Each slot contains 50 grafts, which separate one-hair, two-hair, and three-hair follicular units. All grafts are stored in a holding solution that contains components that scavenge free radicals, provide PH buffering, and balance the intracellular state at low temperatures to mimic the body's fluids as closely as possible. This proprietary holding solution ensures the survival of the grafts and extends their viability as they wait to be placed. 

Dr. Ratchathorn makes all pre-made incisions. The grafts are placed using an implanter pen. She places the grafts herself with some assistance, which is rare, but seeing a physician be hands-on is excellent. She offers No-Shave FUE and long hair FUE for patients who want to conceal their procedures. Dr. Laorwong has posted her results on this forum for the past year, and her hairline artistry is exceptional. The donor is managed incredibly well with all her patients. She consistently dense-packs with high yield and growth. She provides excellence with affordability. Without question, she's an excellent choice for anyone looking for an affordable surgeon who provides high-quality and top-notch results.


Absolute Hair Clinic

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