Hair Transplant (4100 Grafts NW IV-V) By Dr Dogan TURAN - FUECAPILAR, Istanbul - Turkey

The Surgery was performed by Dr. Dogan Turan on the 22nd and 23rd of June 2019 in our hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. Patients Details Age / Edad: 47 Grafts implanted / Grafs implantados: 4100 Medication / Medicación: Finasteride 1.25mg / day, Minoxidil 5%, Biotin, Vitamins Operation Extraction Technique: FUE, micro motor punch Implantation technique: implanter pen Contact FUECAPILAR ⠀ Tel / WhatsApp: +90 542 250 0909⠀

Bald class 5

Norwood stage 5

Occurs when the connecting bridge of hair disappears leaving a single large bald area on the front and top of the scalp. The hair on the sides of the scalp remains relatively high.

Patient gender Male Patient grafts 4097 Patient race Caucasian Patient procedure type FUE